Error Codes

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Response Codes

1Invalid Username or Password
2Invalid IP request
3Account has expired
4Account is disabled
5Account maximum throttling rate is exceeded
6Account does not have sufficient credit balance
7Prepaid Account has expired
10Could not route message
11Invalid recipient address
12Invalid originating address
13Invalid alphanumeric originating address
14Could not route message due to account limitations
15Subscriber has blocked this service
16Destination Address Duplicated
17Destination Address list exceeded maximum
18API token generation failed
19Spam Control threshold exceeded
21Invalid messageId
22Invalid code
88General Failure
99System error. Please contact us if problem persist

Reason Codes

0Not Applicable
1Base Station Unknown
2MSC Unknown
3Format Error
4Other Error
5Subscriber Unknown
6Subscriber Barred
7Subscriber Not Provisioned
8Subscriber Absent
9SMSC Failure
10SMSC Congestion
11SMSC Roaming
12Handset Error
13Handset Memory Exceeded